Kawasaki - intake plenum Heat Barrier

(This part goes between the intake plenum and the cylinder head.)
STX12F, STX15F, Ultra 250/260 X/LX

This intake spacer will help reduce the heat transfer form the engine to the intake manifold therefore not heating up the air that is going into the cylinder head. This product has been tested and proven to drop the intake temp by 20deg. adding 2+ Horse Power on a N/A engine set up. Even MORE on a forced induction engine.
Cool air makes more power because it carries more oxygen.
This product will benefit stock or modified engines.

Tested on a 2006 Kawasaki STX15F N/A,
This engine said to red-line @ 7500 was run to 7000rpm's on the dyno With Out and With the Heat Barrier.
The computer showed a 2.1 HP Gain with a 19.5 to 22.0 degree drop in temp across the intake plenum.
Every ten degrees in temp PLUS or MINUS is worth ONE HORSE POWER.

The 2006 15F is a N/A and was only run to 7,000 rpm. The Ultra is forced and will run a lot higher rpm.
With that said, it most likley will have even better then 2.1HP gains for the Ultra.

We ran this product on a 2007 Ultra250X all thru-out the 2009 season.
After a 50minute + two lap race at full throttle, the intake plenum was COLD!!!

If you can keep the air from heating up before it enters the chamber, you will make more horse power.
With out the Heat Barrier in place, the intake plenum acts as an oven that heats up the air before in goes into the cylinder.

Condenced cold air has more oxygen in it.
Hot air is already expanded air and has less oxygen in it.
Cold/Cooler air is the goal with this product.

10 degrees + = - One Horse Power
10 Degrees - = + One Horse Power

At 7,000rpm's, With the Heat Barrier, we gained 2.1HP on a N/A engine set up.
It will make even more power with a Forced Induction engine set up.

Comes with hardware and gaskets.
$129.95 + shipping


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