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    This NOOB needs some help!!!

    Okay, so I am very new to the Polaris world. I had an '89 Waverunner and a '94 Seadoo but sold them last year. I am in dyer need of some help with my 1995 Polaris SL750. I followed the guide on the MFD fix and I got it working GREAT! bright as crap and display works great. I have to replace the set button because I kind of melted it with a heat gun, but thats no biggie. My real problem is the previous owner. He was sloppy. Instead of tanking out the oil tank when he converted over to premix, he cut a whole in the oil tank. Not even the beginning of my problem. As I am going about working around the mess and cleaning up the bottom of the ski and various parts. I realized that the muffler was full of water so I cleaned it out. manifold was find, no cracks or anything like that. But as I am cleaning I try to use the trim switch. To my dismay, the switch does not work at all. I got out the handy multimeter and tested the switch. Switch works perfect. Tested the motor while pushing the switch. Nothing... My problem lies in the CDI. When i popped it open. I realized that the rubber seal was missing and there is some type of yellow goop inside. Is that normal? It was also on the MFD. Should I replace the CDI entirely? Just get the rubber seal and clean up the internals of the CDI? What are some good suggestions? Anything and everything is appreciated.

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    welcome to the hulk,
    the search engine works pretty good to see past post on a certain subjects,
    Back in the day Polaris put diaelectric grease on everything that had a electrical connection, including connections in the Black electrical box
    On most 2 strokes they are water cooled, so you have fresh water going thru the engine, thru the exhaust and out the muffler,
    and the mufflers do retain water if they are not blown out,

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    I would pull out your trim motor and open up the housing. You can check to see if the voltage is getting to the motor wires in there. If it is, you may need to open up the trim motor's gear case. It is likely that the gears are all corroded and filled with rust. It is a tedious job, but it can be cleaned up and refurbished. Otherwise, a new unit can be had on ebay for around $50.00. I believe someone had found a source for a new rubber replacement gased for the electrical box (the CDI is a small black box within the electrical housing), but cannot remember where they found it.....

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    Trim won't work unless the engine is running. (at least mine doesen't)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixer View Post
    Trim won't work unless the engine is running. (at least mine doesen't)
    correct the engine needs to be running on the older ski's

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    Replace the seal on the box and as long as you have no corrosion in there you should be fine. Oil tanks are cheap if you plan on going back to the oil injection. Has the fuel pump been replaced?

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    Not that I am aware of. Do I need to replace the fuel pump? I am going to replace the fuel filter tomorrow, but the pump is factory as far as I know it. The engine has been rebuilt. All three jugs replaced along with their pistons. What are some other tips that I should do? And I have converted it to premix. no oil tank, no hoses, none of that garbage. do I need to cut off the nozzles on top of the carbs that inject the oil? Many more questions to ask..

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    Yes, the engine must be running for the trim motor to work.

    FYI: the CDI is a litttle black box located inside the elec. box that controls your ignition, it's not the entire elec box itself.

    The yellow goop is there to prevent corrosion, and since you said it's yellow, and not green, it sounds like it's working.

    Read this thread for some insight.

    Oh, and welcome to the Hulk!!!

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