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    The run around..

    Can anybody tell me what i need to do to get the title to my ski in louisiaina. I bought a hull and done the whole nine yards on it. I have a bill of sale but im the third party on this ski. The person i bought it from never got it transfered over. I sent out certified letters to the person that bought it new just to have them returned stating that they moved with no forwarding address. Do i have to have the original owner surrender the title or is it a way around this. I also have the trailer. Need to find out what to do for both. I called wild life and fisheries just to get the run around and put on hold. Thanks for the help.

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    Your local DMV/BMV might know. I would try giving them a call as well.

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    The trailer is different from the craft... DMV for the trailer and list it as "homemade" for a title/registration

    I would go to a title service to get the craft title/registration straightened... usually you can file a mechanics lien, send out letters, and after 30 days if no one claims it, you get the title (and pay the fees)

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