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    Nice ski!!!........What about its ride?

    By "ride" in this thread im referring to your ski trailers.....Seen some smokin hot ski's here but what about modified trailers.....Pimp my ride stuff?

    I used to own trucks a few years back and we always made sure the trailer suited the prime mover in chrome and lights.

    A lil piccy of my pride and joy

    It was a lightshow at night as I ran overnight express over the blue mountains so she had to look the part .
    Unfortunately leahman bros hit and I almost lost everything and had to hand the truck over
    And started driving for another company.....With another Westernstar but a hell of a lot nicer and custom to boot

    So tonight ive decided that after Project "Deceptacon" is finished (or even whilst) the trailer is getting the full worx aswell.Do any of you guys out there do this? if so id love to see pics.

    My plans are....
    Re-paint the trailer black with gold scrolling to match the ski colour
    Chrome tailboard with full length LED lighting with a couple of LED clearance lights for the side
    Chrome 30cm nudgebar as a number plate protector/propulsion guard for ski
    Subaru Brumby(You guys call them brats i think) rims on low profile rubber
    And the jewel in the crown.....Do any of you guys have kids with trampolines? and the get ripped or the stitching rots and the springs know just the right moment as your walking by they let go and thump you up the side of the head
    What im doing is having a square frame made of the gal tramp frame which is 1 1/2 gal pipe and taking the mat to a guy here whos a wiz at tarps and repairs and having the mat cut re-eyleted at 5 inch intervals and sown up. Then go out and buy chrome springs smaller that the ones on the tramp(big springs would look out of place) and then have the frame attached at a slight angle to match the ergonomics of the ski and insert the mate in the middle(will require you to slot the frame inline with the tarp eyelets to get it even and tensioned).......This now acts as a dent proof stone guard that will never need painting and wont look hideous with stone dents.

    Then take that sucker down to your local signwriter and get Polaris printed BIG AND BOLD on the mat.

    Hope you guys like the idea...let me know your thoughts or if you have got one.

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    lol put pics of trucks without trailers dope lol

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    Nice! I'm in the process of doing a custom trailer from an old boat trailer for my two jetskis. Gonna do lights down both sides and rear, and am thinking of painting it the color of my truck entirely, or just do some striping or something. Then black wheels to match my truck. I want it to look as good as what's towing it!

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    Had a conversation the other day with a guy who does a lot of engineering mod projects, We we're discussing the shithouse state of our roads here in Aus and in particular I mentioned that the day I bought the ski home from sydney it bounced and banged its way home (and thats one of our main arterials)...What was worse was the thought of how this would be driving the road to the lake where we ride (anyone fron Aus would know it as the road from Wellington to Burrendong dam) It has claimed more than a few speed boats in its time (Busted hulls, disconnection from vehicles and hitting trees up to just clean snapping straps bouncing and sending boats into the wilderness....

    Then the clever men we are thought about IRS Airbag ride system for Jetski and boat trailers..

    Once ski is done and its time to tackle the trailer.....keep a look out for the pics of this system....pending testing (on my trailer over that road for 12 months) Im considering making a few more and fitting out trailers of those who want it done......Can even kit form it and export it to where ever.........Patent pending on successful completion of the 12 month test.

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