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    2002 gtx wont go over 3500 rpm

    a buddy of mine has a 2002 seadoo gtx di the ski wont go over 3500 rpm and it sounds like its hitting a rev limiter compression was at 90psi which seems low and he is saying the fuel pressure should be set at 105psi that seems high to me any help would be appreciated thanks

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    you should have at least 135 psi in each cylinder. not sure how your reading fuel pressure. you may want to check prop clearance and look in the pump tunnel for problems. you may also have bad injectors. take it out, try for WOT then kill it at WOT then pull the plugs and tell us what they look like.

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    Sounds like limp mode. Plug in a hand held programmer, candoo or buds and read the faults. Most likely voltage regulator, air injector, spark plugs or fuel system.

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    I had one doing that this summer and after checking fuel pressure (105 is correct) and air pressure (85psi I believe) I still couldn't find the problem. So I took it to the lake with fuel pressure gauge hooked up and if the pressure even drops to 95psi it will barely run! This one had a partially clogged or water saturated inline fuel filter.

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    Sounds like rectifier is goin. I had a ski with 80psi and it ran perfect.

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    Sounds like limp mode. Any codes showing? Probably a bad rectifier as stated above. Check the voltage at varying RPMs and compare. Some of them will jump to 16+ volts once and a while and that is more than enough to choke out the electronics. Testing voltage is not load dependent so you can do it on the trailer.

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    Here you go bud

    Just been through this, cost me a bit but I made a few mistakes lol

    You could be minutes or months fixing this, having just been through the process I am right up with the DI now

    I can trouble shoot the dog quick now

    Ideally you should have a bit more compression (maybe your instrument was a bit crook), clean the RAVE valves, fresh sparkplugs, fresh fuel and THEN start the trouble shooting

    You need to give us an indication of how many hrs its done and what general condition is like.

    Anything around 100hrs+ is going to need some careful looking to find the cause

    Mine ended up being a dodgy coil, yours could be too

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