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    Which would you do to change a stock FXHO?

    I was eyeballing a new 2012 FXHO but from what I've heard, gas prices are going to be climbing this summer. So, between a gas guzzling SUV and my waverunner. I've decided to keep my 2005 FXHO Cruiser for now. Last thing I need is a new ski payment plus higher monthly expenses for gas.
    Anyhoo-- I had pulled my waverunner last Fall and did the usually maintenance. My question is this, if you had a little bit of cash to improve the ski somewhat, where would you put it? I'm not talking hundreds and hundreds here. I'm talking maybe less than $300. No more than $400. I noticed my ride plate and intake grate are heavily corroded and the thought of replacing one of those (or both) with a non-stock type. Maybe it might improve the pickup or ride. Then, I thought about a new flame arrestor and some stacks but I read somewhere, you have to do some drilling to add stacks and I wasn't too keen on that. Plus, I've been told, adding a new flame arrestor like a R&D only adds like 2mph or so. For the money, I don't know that it's worth it. Or, should I just keep my cash and wait until 2013? Any thoughts??

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    I don't really think you notice any speed changes in till you replace the prop and add the stacks. R&D stacks are only $50.00

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    Since the FXHOs have just been redesigned, the only changes between a '12 and a '13 would likely be color choices.

    One option is keep your ski thru this coming summer and, if gas prices are Ok for you, look at a "leftover" '12 in the fall/ winter timeframe --- prices will be lowest then and you'd probably get a better deal on the '12 then than a '13 and get essentially the same ski ( just like the 09,10, and '11 FXHOs are all exactly the same except for color choices-- I have 2 '10 FXHOs)

    Just a thought....

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    Hi Jetboater-- yes, I thought of that too. However, you run the risk of the dealer not having one. That's why I have an FXHO Cruiser now. I went to the dealer in Aug of 2005 looking for just the FXHO and they were sold out. Now, granted there are probably 3-4 dealers in the area (that I didn't know about back then) so, if one doesn't have it, maybe another does. I'm leaning towards not doing anything to my '05 and just kinda keep an eye on things until later this summer.

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    good point---there is a strong possibility the '12 HOs will sell out before the fall because of the new design!

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    We actually have a deposit on a '12 FXHO, should be in next month. This will be an upgrade from our current ski (1100zxi). We arent getting rid of the ZXI because is it still lots of fun to ride (even looking for an ultra 150 to round off the set). On the ZXI we have an aftermarket impeller and it made a HUGE difference in acceleration. Will this be the case with the FXHO or are they already set up well? Any other cheap mods to get a little more acceleration out of it, im not really interested in top speed?

    We came real close to picking up a leftover '11 ultra 300x but we couldnt agree on a price, still not sure how I feel about that but im sure the yamaha will be fun enough to ride.

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    One immediate thing to do is remove the stock "ribbon" which is a restrictive spark arrestor in the intake--- both Riva and R&D make an "intake manifold upgrade kit" which is basically the replacement piece that replaces the ribbon. In fact, Yamaha actually sells the Riva one on on its waverunner accessories website-- its listed under the VXR/VXS accessory section but the HO has the same engine and it is the same part. The stock ribbon restricts airflow by almost 40% so doing this really helps it breathe better. The part is 39.99 from Riva--- i think its available thru this website too. It's about a 20 min job on an HO as the part is right up on top of the engine and easy to access--- it's removing 8 bolts, replacing the insert, and replacing the bolts.

    Next things to consider are an R&D intake grate-- the wing on them keeps the ski hooked up better in any kind of chop and also add the pump seal kit which fills the voids in the intake grate to eliminate or minimize caviation so acceleration is stronger. Both these run about $280 together and are a simple 4 bolt job

    After that, I'd ride it a while and see how much more you want to do-- you can reflash the ECU and replace the impeller and other good stuff but the costs start to climb quickly--- speed is addictive!

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    thanks a lot for that input! I will definitely look into the riva intake manifold. Might do the intake grate and pump seal kit but as far as anything further than that, I dont know. I dont want to get too crazy with this one. Now that we have another ski, ill probably start to modify the 1100 (or the 150 if i get one) for speed/acceleration. I know i can probably get a lot more out of the yamaha but I really like the 2 strokes and we ride mostly on smooth-ish lakes so rough water handling isnt all that important.
    The FX will be used mostly for fishing, pulling skiers, and just cruising around. But that doesnt mean that doing improvements that make it ride and run a little better are out of the equation.

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