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    Alternative no-drill IC mod

    Yet another take on the intercooler mod for an Ultra, mine being an 08 250x. I have no pictures to show since I have not done this mod yet. I just wanted to share the idea in case anyone else is interested. My apologoes if someone else has mentioned this before, I have yet to see this solution after much searching.

    The advantages of this solution, as opposed to others posted elsewhere, are:
    1. Requires no through-hull drilling. Ive seen some kits for sale that require as many as three additional holes, including one for yet another pisser in the transom area.
    2. Relatively cheap, compared with some kits (which amount to a bunch of hoses and fittings) listed at $200+.
    3. Allows for flushing without adding unsightly hoses or bibs.
    4. Simple; retains all the factory hoses, adds two (2) short hoses and two (2) tee fittings.

    In a nutshell, the idea is to install a 4-way valve such as the one listed here.

    The 4-way valve has two positions, one for normal operation, the other for flushing. Below are the schematics for the hose layout, for each position:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The 4-way valve is installed in-line with the pipe coming from the exhaust manifold to the top of the IC as shown. A T fitting is spliced into the hose from the jet pump connected to the bottom of the IC. The other T fitting is spliced into the hose connecting the IC to the through-hull dump. A length of hose is installed from each T fitting to the 4-way valve as shown. Clamps on all hose connections and the basic install is done. For additional cooling, bore out the elbow fitting at the pump bar to increase the diameter and thus the water flow going from the pump to the IC.

    On position 1 the hot water from the exhaust manifold is re-routed directly to the through hull dump, while the feed from the jet pump is split to supply cool water to the original inlet at the bottom and the previous hot water inlet at the top of the IC simultaneously. The original IC bottom outlet continues to discharge to the through-hull dump. The net result is only cool water enters the IC.

    On position 2, the hot water from the exhaust is restored to its original routing into the IC for flushing. Water from the jet pump is still split into two runs, one going to the bottom of the IC, the other re-routed to the outlet hose, but because of hydraulic imbalance most of the pump water goes to straight to the dump. While this is not a consideration when flushing (the jet pump only provides water while IN the water), riding the ski with the valve set on position 2 will degrade the ICs capability. Flushing is done the same way as with a stock ski.

    I plan to do the IC mod after I retrofit the fuel pump, add a fuel regulator, and can adjust the AFR. Otherwise the reduced operating temperature of the IC will increase the mass of air, which may in turn cause the engine to run leaner.

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    Many have modded there's in similar fashion. The small drop in temp will not affect your afr although it's good to see you thought about it. It will help over super long runs a little bit but don't expect anything mind blowing when you do it more then likely you will notice next to nothing.

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