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    WTB GPR Glove box lid/hatch cover

    Im missing everything to do with the glove box lid/hatch like the latch,lid,and whatever its secured to the ski with. Let me know what you have thanks.

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    I think I have one!
    PM sent!

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    I've got everything you need, shoot me a pm if you have a color preference

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    what color? I have blue

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    anyone still have lid cover for glovebox

    looking for the glovebox lid just need plastic lid perfer yellow but any color will do
    Quote Originally Posted by treemoney View Post
    I've got everything you need, shoot me a pm if you have a color preference

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    ooh, i need one of these also, OP let us know when you get what you need so we can pick up one of these as well after you get firts dibs.

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    Just to let everyone know I found one so feel free to use the thread.

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