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Thread: 750 sxi mods??

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    750 sxi mods??

    I was wondering if I can get some help on which mods to do. Right now the ski is stock. I was looking to get more throttle response and faster acceleration. Any suggestions would would be great.


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    welcome to the hulk.

    what is your budget?

    good mods, for beginnings;

    timing advance. i have a kit here for 50.00
    i can mill your stock head, to raise compression, 45.00 & 25.00 for new head gasket
    a new skat prop, will help greatly as well. they are 250.00
    primer kit = 25.00 with this you remove the choke, and it improves air flow
    aftermarket flame arrestor = 62.00 complete with carb top adapter

    these above mods will make a nice, noticeable difference.
    you will probably need to make some jetting changes to your carb also.

    if you want to spend more, you can;
    go to a 46mm mikuni carb. 300.00 - new carb, 100.00 - intake manfifold
    factory pipe brand aftermarket pipe = 750.00 range ( new) hard to find used, but they are out there

    other things to think about are
    handle bars, these help with your riding stance, and handling. quick steer plate ( same advantages), ride plate, scoop grate,
    finger throttle, and more......

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    John Zig is the man for parts! Really depends on your budget. If you want to spend a few bucks and have a killer motor, look up, look up for a pipe, it's a few dollars but I'm pretty sure they add a bunch of power to the sxi...

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    I had a sxi pro..9/18 SKAT TRAK prop,Jet Dynamics intake grate & ride plate & flame arrestors made a big difference! I then did a Coffmans Water injected pipe,Head,& Buckshot Racing 46mm carbs & intake with V-force Reeds..After dialing it in it was pretty much a Rocket from bottom to top end! Prop,ride plate & intake grate,& flame arrestors will make a very noticeable difference,especially once the carbs are dialed in.

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    Thanks john. Ill have to get one of them. Also are these Ignition Enhancer any good?
    or waste of money ? cheers jake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakew View Post
    Thanks john. Ill have to get one of them. Also are these Ignition Enhancer any good? &hash=item48593d9027&vxp=mtr
    or waste of money ? cheers jake.
    I have run those on 701 superjets before and they do provide a noticeable improvement over stock.

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    Remove your cylinder base gasket and put cylinders back on with Threebond sealant instead of a gasket. This will bump up your compression and give you more low end punch. I've done it on other engines as well.

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