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    Hydro-Turf is on...

    I ran over to Hydro-Turf in Anaheim and picked up some diamond cut turf for the RXP yesterday. I installed it yestertday as soon as I got home. Came out GREAT!

    I hate drilling out rivets, pain in the ass. I'm really glad they were able to cut me some of the diamond cut pattern. It seems to have a lot more traction and bite to it than the regular Hydro-Turf I have on my 96XP.

    Here are pics of the turf. Sorry about the quality, I had to use my cell phone camera.

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    Looks really good.

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    I was over @ Hydro Turf last Friday picking up a set of mats for my buddy/Hahn race partner for his RXT. Hydro Turf is great but they don't include the glue and paint brushes now as they used to. Still a great product. T C

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