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    STX15F - upgraded pump shaft/bearing assembly around 2007?

    Hi guys

    I understand some time around 2007 the pump shaft bearing arrangement changed and it went from 2 shaft seals to 3. Was this a known problem area for the ski? Is it worthwhile looking for an 08+ ski with the 'better' setup?


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    I haven't heard of any issue that makes the earlier skis less reliable. It's always tough to predict when a pump bearing will fail without pulling it apart now and again. My 05 12f is at 125 hrs approx and I'll prob pull the pump before too long...more out of fear than anything else.

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    On 15F (2004-2012), there have been 3 different jet pump setups:
    1. Single front bearing with rear bearing in the cone, and 2 seals.
    2. Single front bearing with rear bearing in the pump, and 3 seals.
    3. Double front bearings with rear bearing in the cone, and 3 seals (2012 setup).

    I like the rear bearing in the cone setup better because of 2 reasons:
    1. Shaft is more stable since the support points are farther apart.
    2. Bearing area can be easily checked for water intrusion & repacked with fresh grease just by removing the cone.

    The most reliable setup would be the 2012 spec however, you need a new pump housing as well.

    The most common cause of the pump bearing failure is improper assembly of jet pump where seals get (accidentally & unknowingly) damaged and water comes in. Bearings are short lived.
    With proper assembly, 15F pump bearings last 50-100 hours depending how hard you ride.

    Whatever year 15F you get (if used), ALWAYS install a fresh set of bearings and seals.
    Not only it saves jetpump, it will save your engine as well.

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    thanks for the great advice!

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    I have a 2006 STX 15F with around 75hours on it. I would like to change out the jet pump bearing as well as seals. Any particular bearings I should use? which would be the most reliable and where is the best place to buy it?
    Also I'd like to upgrade the impeller, Figure I might as well have that done since Im already working on the bearings. Anyone have any recommendations?

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    Did you have problem with your OEM pump bearings and impeller?
    If not, use the same.

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