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Thread: Fuel Smell

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    Fuel Smell

    I have an '07 GTI SE 155 which has now done around 280hrs. Since new I have noticed a very slight fuel smell inside the hull which doesn't increase after riding - it's always just a constant low level smell. Obviously if I leave the seat on the concentration of the smell increases but nothing too major. I've always just thought of it as normal until recently when others have told me that they have no smell at all in their skis. I have checked around all the fuel hoses, fuel rail etc and I can't see any telltale signs of a fuel leak. I have literally put my nose on the injectors and fuel rail etc and there is no smell at all there. It seems to be somewhere around the tank area but again there are no obvious signs. I'm wondering whether it might be the pressure relief check valves. I know there was a recall for '07 skis but I can't find any real info on it. According to my Seadoo mechanic, he had checked the valves when the notice came out and they were fine and didn't need replacing. I'm leaning towards just buying new check valves and hoping that it fixes the problem.

    Does anyone have any other info, or run into this themselves? Anyone know of a way to test these check valves to see if they are okay or not?

    PS. I noticed that the 2 valves have different part numbers - the one on the left hand side near the reverse lever is 275500398 and the one on the right under the rub rail is 275500505 so they must have different functions or something but they are both listed as check valves.

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    Check to see if the vent hose is plugged.

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