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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    I need help! Man am I glad I found this site. I have a 98 Speedster, had it since new and it has been a great boat. This past summer I started developing problems. The speedometer quite--I think the pick up came off. The right engine stopped providing drive. It still starts great, runs great but when I put it in gear it just revs up with no propusion--kind of like when you strip the teeth on your motorcycle spocket. Have I twisted a shaft or something? Next, the impellers have never been replaced and I'm sure technology has come a long way. Since it is winter I figured I would do some work on the boat--I still want it to jerk a 200 pound skier out of the water but I would also like to pick up some speed and torque. I've worked on cars and motorcycles all of my life but this will be my first adventure into the inner workings of a jetboat. What do you guys think? What should I do? Thanks...

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    Cool Come on guys!!!!!!

    23 people have read the post and not one single piece of advice.. I know this site is full of ski-heads with the answers---come on man, help a brother out!!! What should I do???????

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    start by pulling the jet pumps off the boat... disconnect the steering linkage, reverse linkage, and pull all the nozzles and pumps off the boat completely and get a good look at the props and wear rings (liner that immediately surrounds the prop)....

    check condition of those first, that's where you need to start

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    i think your gonna find the problem in the jetpump

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    I second and third the Jet pump and give us your location, just
    maybe a forum member is near you and can hook up with to stop
    by and help you out.


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    thanks guys

    I'm located just outside Atlanta towards Birmingam--I will go into the jet pumps and see what I find--I will keep it posted--thanks again

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    Harley I have the service manual for your boat on CD. If you need it call me I'll make you a copy 201-679-9572

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    With great deference to the experience & expertise of those who have posted in advance of this - before you remove all your pumps' outer housing & linkage, crawl under the boat while it is on the trailer & try to look or reach into the "intake" for the "spinning" engine - when it's not spinning, of course. You may have debris like a plastic bag or sheet wrapped around the impeller that you can remove bit by bit. I've had the same symptom turn out to be a soda bottle, a plastic bag, and a plastic sheet (& other stuff) stuck in there.

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    So what was it?

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    have you inspected the pto and drive shaft splines at the back of the engine ? pto's strip out quite often and the pump won't turn.

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