Hi everyone,

I just recently tried to fire up the seadoo as I'm trying to sell it and made a stupid mistake. I put the battery in and connected the right cables to the right terminals but connected the small ground cable from the electrical box to the positive terminal (it had a red crimp on it and I didn't notice that it was a black wire). The jet ski ran fine before this.

To make a long story short, I tried starting it and nothing happened. Then smoke started pouring out of the black electrical box next to the battery and that's when I realized my mistake. Opened up the box and the ground cable looked pretty fried out and the insulation was all melted. I tested continuity and it was ok so I connected to the neg terminal and tried to start it. The jet ski doesn't beep when I put the key in, but after a few times of putting the key on and off, I can get it to crank. I am not getting any spark however. Checked all fuses in both boxes and all are fine.

The first thing I'm going to try is obviously replace the fried ground wire. I read somewhere that I could have fried the coil as well. Is there anything else I could have fried? MPEM possibly? I'm surprised that the circuit isn't protected against reversed polarities. Where I work, the circuits for cars have to be designed to not get damaged when someone accidentally connects the battery terminals backwards. Any help is greatly appreciated.