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    2004 ultra 150 wont charge battery

    ok i have a 2004 ultra 150 and the low battery light goes off all the time! i have tried 2 brand new batteries to rule a bad battery from being the issue, i have hooked up a charger to the battery and had the ski turned on and the light goes off to rule out a bad sensor, also when i go out with a full battery i have to cut the power off all the time to save battery life so i can start it again. i heard of many people having this issue with ultra 150's but no suggestions. i have checked the ground and it seems to be properely on and all cables are clean as a whistle. however i do not know how to check the stator to see if thats why it is not charging. i also live in columbia sc does anyone know of any good ski repair shops that are cheap as well?

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    I seemed to have had a similiar issue a while back - and I kinda summarized my findings out on the other site - namely here:

    There's some pics out there, and some good data I collected to share with others, so this should lead you down the road to obtaining your much needed "Positive DC Potential"


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    thank you

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