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    Question Looking for multiple ski's for sale.. WHere in the USA?

    I am looking to make a trip to the US (Eastern Seaboard) to locate and purchase 5-10 Seadoo units. Can anyone direct me to a good location where I could spend a few days driving around looking for a few ski's? I would be coming in by boat and renting a pickup. There are very few used ski's for sale in Canada and I have purchased in the US before.

    Thanks guys

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    what type of skis are you looking for ? ?

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    I am looking for RXP & RXT 2006 and newer.. RXPX maybe 1
    A few GTX and GTI

    Maybe a speedster or sportster as well.

    It wont be untill May probably.. Just looking for the right place to plan my trip. Going to the USA by boat.

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    I have a 2008 RXP-X that has 98hours and is all stock. It is in great condition, but has one flaw. My oldest son hit the dock hard and spyder cracked the front nose on the ski. We have used it many hours after this and IMO is really not thatbig of a deal. I mean in the water you really dont pay attention to it. The price will reflect the damage. $6400 CASH for this one. I will include a galvanized single trailer.

    I also have my personal ski. It is a RXP-X conversion to a RXP. I transplated a Wrecked RXP-X into a 07 red RXP. It has a Riva ECU, les cook retainers, a 15-22r prop, adustable Riva ventury, R&D grate, and a Jims rideplates with RIva pro block off. It run 80 and is extremly reliable as it is basically a X set up with a Riva ecu. $7800 for this one.

    Let me get pics of te stock x with the slight damage tonight. Also they are both clear titles in my name.

    I do have a double trailer if needed. BUT it has a tool box hydroturf and is extremly nice, so I would want $1500 for it. I have one galvanized single that can go to either ski if only one is wanted. FREE with purchase of either.
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    I'd say Florida would be a good place; I'm always seein good deals there...

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    Can help you out with new or used skis, also ship overseas all the time and can work out container etc.. Located in east central Fl.

    email is


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    Here is the Stock X. The white stiff is marine tech Just to be sure it did not leak.
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    wouldn't be interested in a 2004 would you?

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    I can't believe you guys are buying into this, sounds like a scam to me,
    come June 1st let see who sold there ski to this guy,
    give me a break,

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    This is not a SCAM.. I am a canadian dealer..

    I am not buying right now.. I am only looking for a destination that would give me the best possible selection to look at.. I have a 50 FOOT lobster boat that can hold 20 plus ski`s and I plan on selling them here for the summer cottage season.. (June till Sept) I will sail over and stay untill I have found enough to pay my trip. There is nothing to chose from in Canada.. and BRP`s new SKI pricing is WAY too much in Canada.. THese things are built in Canada and US retail is less than Canada.. So high prices on new ski`s and no selection of used ski`s makes whatever used ones are here priced out of reach.,.

    SO I am willing to make the trip to get a load of them.. either private sales or dealer wholesale. NOT a SCAM


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