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    Painting plastic cowl parts on 08rxt

    Hey guys just curious if anyone has ever painted the plastic parts on ur ski and if it held up thru wear and tear The plastics in the front under the seat are all scratched just curious if painting it will make it look worse cause it won't withstand the elements and abuse if so how did u paint it what did u use thanks

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    I used this on my rub rails and a external auxiliary fuel tank. If you can get the surface smooth it will look better. Smooth it out, make sure it is absolutely clean and then apply the spray in extremely light coats following the instructions on the can. If you are nervous test it on something of the same materials first.

    My corner rub rails got pretty beat up the first year because of rides that took me through river locks. I ordered replacements and used textured paint as well as this stuff and they looked so good I almost regretted by the new. My rails are attached with nut and bolt so my intention is swap out the new rails with the painted when I make those river rides. I took one of the painted corners and whacked it against a stucco wall. The paint adhered with no problem. Not sure what colors are available.

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    If you are trying to use spray can paint on them, you can expect to get what you pay for.. could hold, may not. Sanding plastic isn't ideal because it will fray on you and look even worse. Proper way is to use a Plastic primer, usually it's clear and have a sealer sprayed over that then painted.The sealer acts as a cushion for knicks and such. This method works as I did mine and has held for over a year. If you need any more info shoot me a pm i'll be glad to walk to you through the proper steps.

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