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    Lanyard options for sx650?

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to the kawi world, been apolaris man most of my life. I recently got bit by the stand-up bugand picked up two kawi sx650's (1989 and 1990). They both run butare in desperate need of some cosmetic work and a paint job. Anyway,neither of them have lanyards and I don't really feel comfortableriding my first stand ups without a lanyard. So I was wonderingwhat type of start stop switches with lanyards would be compatiblewith the skis. Someone had told me that the polaris switch from anearly 1990's TS would be an option. But the later kawi lanyards willnot work because they have to be hard wired into the electrical box. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I use to have an '87 650sx without the lanyard style cutoff. I found a later style switch on eBay and all that was required was to swap the faceplates, very easy install. Many of the early 90s Kawasaki switches are the same so shouldn't be hard to find one.

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    Do your 'Skis have spring loaded steering that makes them go in a circle if you fall off? That was the original design.

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