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    Talking 2010/2011 Kawasaki STX 15F Performance Parts

    Hi guys, How are you all? i have a 2010 Kawasaki STX 15F and would like to know where and what performance parts to get for it... Im in melb and dont want to go to drematic on the ski, Exhaust and air box would be ideal... Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks once again guys.

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    Here is the link to the online store 15F page

    And specifically the performance package

    Remember to enter the cupon code greenhulk during checkout for discounts

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    On a 15f....unless you plan to go turbo....air intake, ff exhaust, ride plate and maybe a small prop tweak....should put you right around 65-66mph....stock is 61-62 mph

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    Cheers for that bud, Im in australia, melbourne and would like to deal with someone local...

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    There are more than a few Aussies that you could get in touch with. Supposedly its cheaper to get the parts from the states if you can get a third party to ship it over. Check out pete71's build if you want to throw some serious money down, if not get creative.

    Read through all of these and learn what you can, click on all the links then come back and ask what you still need to know.

    Pete's 15f (local Aussie)
    15F Budget Build (USA)

    You can also read mine if you want but I need to clean it up a bit, I think its fairly straight now but if you have any questions please ask.


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