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Thread: VX won't start

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    VX won't start

    OK yesterday I was riding offshore and doing some wave jumping and then I came back into the river and turned it off while I called my Dad to tell him I was ready to be picked up. No one answered so I put the phone away and started her up and drove in a straight line up the river for about 1 minute and then decided to call him again.

    This time he did answer and said he was putting our tinny in and to come and meet him up the river, but when I pressed the start button nothing happened except the green security light lit up for a while. The Gauges didn't light up it didn't crank the engine or anything.

    Anyway they towed me back to the ramp and we tested the battery for voltage and sure enough it had 13 volts, when I pressed the start button the voltage dropped down to 3 volts and then back up to normal when I release the start button and the area near the fuse box makes this little clicking noise.

    It was running fine until then.

    Please help.

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    More than likely the battery has gone bad and the voltage you are reading is what is called surface voltage and not cranking voltage, Replace battey and clean battery wires real good. Tommy Jordan

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    OK this is the second time it's had a problem in 240 hours or so and the first problem, the battery died and if I remember correctly it was having the same symptoms as this.

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    Its your Battery, also check that your voltage regulator is connected to your ECU properly, sometimes it comes loose. The regulator is located just above your oil filter.

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    The two times this has happened I haven't been able to flush the salt water from it. Last time it went a week without flushing hopefully I can get it serviced and fixed tomorrow afternoon.

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    Buy a new Battery, preferably a Yuasa, job done
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    why dont you jump the ski to flush it......desperate times call for.........well you know the rest, I would not leave salt water in my ski

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