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Thread: what prop

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    what prop

    just want a lil feed back on this issue.
    ive taken my solas 15/20 prop off becouse its a bit chewed up (it was like this when i purchased the ski)
    and ive got a spare prop of a rxpx to put on it .
    any one know what pitch the rxpx standard (0 is?
    and any other issues you can think of by useing the rxpx one with my set up?
    also what else do you think i could put on it for a bit more mph?

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    you might be a little over [powered. i currently have x prop on my boat with no ext cooler and no intake or exhaust. the prop is around 14/23. its a little offset for more acceleration but less top end. i like it but you have way more mods than me and i think you will be at rev limit. what are your rpm with 15/20?

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    Long story I've just bought the ski and inspected the pump before I rode it and the 15/20 looked so bad I changed it out for the rxpx one. Then on testing with the rxpx one I had a cooling fault (suspected intercooler) so until I get the ski right I won't know any Rpms on the prop.
    I just wanted a heads up on the prop pitch and if it would be any good.

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    another question for you guys .
    if i fit 42lb injectors will i see any gains and if i fit them what else do i have to instal ?

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