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    1998 kawasaki x4 750

    hi all im new to the jetski thing but have 2 kawasakis 1 98 x4 750 and one 92 stx 750
    the prob i have is the x4 is hard to start then when we get it to run it will idle and free rev fine but when we put it in the water it just spluters and dies i have noticed the fuel filter is allways empty do these skis have a fuel pump if so where ?
    it has new plugs
    any other idears would be good thanks

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    Welcome aboard, allmud!

    Never heard of an x4, but I'll try to answer your question. Yes, there is a fuel pump on the rear carburetor on the 750. Check to make sure the pulse line from the pump to the crankcase is attached and isn't split. It's very likely that the carbs need to be rebuilt and the fuel system flushed if it hasn't been used for a year or more. Normally, the fuel filter will be about 1/2 full when the engine is running. Try both the ON and RESERVE settings on the fuel selector.

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    i have a 92 sts as well and its just a newer version than that ( things have strange names in new zealand lol )
    i have replaced the filter and lines drained the fuel and pulled the carb apart and cleaned the pipe from the crank case to the carb was part blocked and had a split at the crank case end
    ill put new gase in it and chuck the hose on it and try to get it to run
    another question what ratio fuel to 2stroke do i run in it ?
    eg 25 to 1 or 50 to 1

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    50:1 works good.

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