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    Need help***2002 Polaris virage i***

    Does anyone know where I can find the connector thats on the wiring harness that connects to the emm on a 2002 virage i ,the processor in the emm was bad so I just sent it off to dfi technologies but getting it off my dumb buddy pryed it with a screw driver and broke the plastic body for the harness plug because he didn't realize it had a bolt holding it. Any help would be appreciated

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    I am not sure where you would find just the plug. Really the only options you have is replace the harness or get the proper pin removal tools to de-pin the plug and find a damaged harness that you could steal the plug off of. I would not suggest spliceing it.

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    Yeah didnt think splicing it would be good guess ill just have to pick up a whole harness off e-bay or something. Thanx

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    You could check with John Zigler 608-743-1305

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    I'll check with john, thanx

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