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    How reliable are your 260's?

    Hello everyone,

    I have searched for threads like this and have read some but I just want a little bit more info.

    I was just wondering how reliable the 260 horsepower Sea Doo engines as well as the hull etc in general are?

    Has anyone experienced any problems with their boats? Has anyone been wave jumping and offshore riding a lot with them and had any problems?

    How many hours do you currently have on yours?

    I do a lot of offshore riding in pretty rough conditions and a lot of wave jumping and my VX has never had a problem (except a battery that randomly died) in 230 hours of use.

    Thanks everyone

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    the S3 hull is VERY strong, and the 260`s are basicly the 215`s but "improved" to give out a few more horses.
    (dare i say tuned?, they only have "minor differences" i know they are THERE, but the engine and such stayed the same, someone more educated can tell you exactly what are the differences in parts and so on.)

    the 260 is VERY reliable, so far, most of my friends had no problems, except for one, whom had a cracked ride plate, either from him hitting a rock with it, or as a factory defect, this caused that overnight, his coolant drained out and the next morning, he went riding without checking it, caused his engine to overheat, and seize.

    i DONT own a 260 but a friend of mine is near 300 hours on his, crazy how much he rode on it in less than 2 years!
    i couldnt even get NEAR 300 even if i tried (he is retired and takes his doo to the states to ride in the winter, and ride here in the summer. He also volunteered for many events here, most notably the "regates de Valeyfield"
    an event that happens for a long period of time here in the summer, (like Formula 1 race cars but on water!) he had to ride around looking for debris, people , swimmers, animals and so on, plus his son and daughter like to go riding them self on the lake ( they are 18 and 16 respectively).
    It was his first seadoo and he really enjoys it.

    Although, his son IS an aggressive rider, it is nowhere near offshore riding styles, as mostly the lakes around here are either like glass (well the one near me is often) or 1-2 foot chop. some "storms" are possible, but they never ride in them but the waves can go up to about 3 feet, he also enjoys going after a container ship (as do i) and jump on its huge wakes, not getting too close but the waves DO get huge behind those enormous boats and bigger cruisers!)

    hope i helped!

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    Thank Shui it is appreciated

    Anyone else have any more info?

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    I have a 2010 X 260 and about 68 hours on mine and I love it, it is my 4th SeaDoo. As you can see in my signature I have it haulin ass. The only issue I had was the pto shaft seal started to leak a LOT of oil at 48 hours. This was due to the 2010 drive shaft was completely redesigned and not for the better. Most people I know with a 2010 have had their drive shaft/pto seal replaced with 2011 models, which is the same as 2009 and earlier!

    Early on, the factory did not secure the pump bolts to the ride plate good enough and several guys had drive shaft and pump failures simply due to loose bolts! The guys jumping big waves figured this problem out real quick!

    The S3 hull is far superior to the past hull design, in every way. The composite material is very strong, NO pump tunnel cracking like the 2008-2009 T-X's, very easy to work with and keep clean.

    The engine is the same as past 2008+ RTX-X's just better ECU programming.

    I think guys jumping waves offshore would suggest the suspension model RTX-iS for comfort and performance.

    As with any brand new re-design there are some minor bugs to work out. Overall I am very happy and I'm faster than my brother in law ........for now.

    Good Luck

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    Are all these problems sorted out? How much has it cost you to get the problems sorted out?

    Thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JordieS View Post
    Are all these problems sorted out? How much has it cost you to get the problems sorted out?

    Thank you very much!
    Yes, at least for me. Cost = nothing - I have THE BEST dealership and mechanic on the planet!

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    You must be very lucky then!

    Can anyone else tell me their experiences with the ridiculously good looking Sea Doo RXT-X 260?

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    Numerouse ecu faults pumbolt fell out destroying prop
    Ibr failure
    Otas failure
    I got the Monday morning one
    Now ring gear separated brp has wiped ther hands of me as I moded
    My ski ecu reflsh less cook yet this in no way has caused any of these problems
    As 99% had happens before reflash

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    I have the 2011 TX with the AS suspension. I'm really happy with it.....36 hours, still stock. Very nimble when it needs to be for a couch, and it's a beast on the chop with that suspension. I ride in the Chesapeke Bay, not the Ocean, so I can't speak about it's offshore capability, but I've ridden in 3-5foot chop with a bunch of 300's and my ski was the only ski that would run with them. Absolutely 0 problems except my ski was on the timing chain recall list from Seadoo.

    Add being able to mod this thing, and the looks, and I think it's the perfect ski. You can read around because some other folks have had a few problems, but remember, when you Play Hard, They brake Hard!

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    I have an iS as well. Mine had the weak hoseclamp, which was solved real quick. Nothing real major has ever gone wrong, only a couple of weird minor glitches here and there on occasion. But the only real problem with mine is that it wants to back up while in neutral. My dealer doesn't believe me so thankfully they will see a 3 camera hi-def video in a couple of days! Maybe that will convince them. And I agree with jisouan.....very nimble for a tank. I ride the southern St. John's and have no trouble navigating the tight turns. I actually get a little dizzy from the lateral G's. I ride the ocean too and with the deck up, I can ride all day without issue. Fun to jump and I have yet to get sore from ocean riding.

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