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    Should my plugs get too hot to touch?

    I read a thread a while back that said if your plugs are too hot to hold when doing a chop test then you were too lean. Since then I am holding the base of the plug as I run around the lake. I have many Seadoos and some are cool all the time and come other skis get hot on the plug base. tonight I am trying to dial in a rossier pipe on a 720 in a 92xp. The original carbs had 130s and I put in some 140s. With the high speed screws 1/2 out it bogs rich and just does jump up on top but after a few wot rips the plugs are too hot for me to touch while riding. I can,t go richer. Maybe 142.5s and closed high speeds? Should I just read the plugs and forget about temp?

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    as long as your getting a nice dry chocolate brown color you should be ok. with that said, you should check all your water routing and water jackets as it kinda sounds as if there may be a clog some where.

    where did you find a 92XP with a 720? I could have sworn that a 92XP came with a 520 or something of the it a conversion?

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    I put this thing together out of parts. It runs really good but I still have the 580 exhaust outlet in the hull. I hope thats not heating it up.

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