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    2001 gp1200r starting problems

    So i just got into jetskis this past summer and picked up this ski. Over the summer i noticed if i didnt start it everday and left it for a week it would take me 10 minutes to start it. What do you guys think would do that? Just tried to get it to start today after sitting since summer replaced plugs but battery died. Is there anything else to check?

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of 2 strokes. Just keep trying, Are you using fresh fuel or are you trying to start it on the same fuel you left in it? I assume your compression is still good? Keep pulling the plugs out and clean them, some times they get fouled up with all that fogging oil in it. Also change your fuel filter out. If you want you can remove the choke and install a primer kit which will make it start right up.

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    Okay where can i pick up a primer kit? Also fuel filter. Im going to put some freah gas n oil in clean the new plugs and replace fuel filter. Im glad this is sorta normal and not a huge problem with it

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    May be time for some carb. cleaning or rebuild, and primer kit install.

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    These 1200 powervalve motors can be a pig to start. A fully charged battery is absolutely essential, full choke and a dozen or so pumps of the throttle before cranking. If it doesn't start wihin 5 seconds, stop cranking and give it another dozen pumps on the throttle. Don't open the throttle when cranking. Pumping the throttle causes the accelerator pump to inject some fuel into the carb mouths, but you must ensure the accelerator pump (if still fitted) is working and not seized. A primer kit can help, but shouldn't really be needed, if all else is right (fuel, filter, plugs etc.). Riva etc do the kits. Cheers, Dave.

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