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    How to Cross a Swell or Wake Safely

    by Shawn Alladio

    Protect your face. Current in moving waters and boat speed are combined.


    We are technically operating a high speed capable, small hull profile motorized craft.
    This requires a tremendous amount of operator 'know how'.

    1. Type of Watercraft you are operating (board/no board)
    2. Helm height
    3. Your body height
    4. Speed of water
    5. Speed of your craft
    6. Additional Weight on Board

    K38 RULE: Protection!

    Do you know what you centered body position means? Does your instructor
    explain this to you effectively? Are you ready for that impending injury or do
    you know every action you engage and are capable of defining it to somone else?
    Are you a safe operator or a hack? I was a hack 30 years ago....

    A few reminders:

    1. Protect your head
    2. Protect your throat
    3. Protect your eyes
    4. Protect your pelvis
    5. Protect your chest
    6. Protect your passengers
    7. Protect your equipment
    8. Protect your joints

    What does this mean? Forces of Action will generate a response, what are you willing to give
    up for your forward movement. You must stay in step in a constant flow.

    K38 trains technical boat operators. There are plenty of 'speed kills' operators in the field.
    Little do they know they are creating an unsafe, unprofessional and dangerous operation
    when they are deployed. Hindsight? Yes, I learned from review, from real world failures.
    I just didn't fail. I learned from my own example.

    You must be physically fit and capable of maintaining your craft operations

    So you thought this was a boat jumping? Wrong. I'm transiting slowly and technically
    through a standing wave in a river, maintaining full vessel control with a passenger
    on board. This is a soft upstream transit. Not what you thought huh?

    How can you tell? Notice my bow trim. If You Can't Define It - You Can't Own It

    To read the rest of the content:

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