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    Driveshaft Thru Hull fitting came up. What Epoxy should I use?

    I have a STXR and my metal thru hull fitting where the driveshaft exits the ski, separated from the hull. It was a pain to get the factory epoxy off the fitting but now that it's off, what should I use to re-attach? I need to make certain it won't come off. I was even thinking of glassing it in.

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    3m 5200 marine adhesive sealant. Make sure you get the slow cure type, it cures much stronger than the fast cure. Put a thick layer under the fitting, make sure it oozes out from under the edges when you put it back in place and then a thick covering over the top and all around it to seal it well. Be forewarned, the stuff literally takes a week to fully harden. Dont even try to put it all back together until then.

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    Shit!!! I used fast cure and made sure it oozed out the bottom for the seal. I didn't put any on top as I'm going to glass it in after talking with Steve at Skiworx. You can't buy the fitting from Kawasaki as it comes part of the hull an is not meant to change out. I believe it will be strong enough after the glass but you have me concerned about the seal with the fast cure.

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    If you fiberglass over it Im sure it will be fine. I was really beginning to wonder if the stuff was ever going to dry and harden. Every time I checked it, it was still soft and I could wiggle the fitting. Finally about day 5 it started getting pretty firm.

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