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    possible faulty electical connection

    hi there,i recently had an issue with my ski not starting after i had ridden it,and shut it down but a member on this forum told me to give it a blipon the throttle to blow any water out of the exhaust to prevent steam foulin the plugs. it seemed to work for a few weeks, (4-5 rides) then it hapened again, struggled to start, so i left it for a day and it started on the trailer.i flushed the motor,etc and bought new plugs (iridium) however, approaching my boat ramp last ride i backed off from 5000 down to 2000rpm and the motor cut out, like i had hit stop, it wouldnt start after that. took it home,wouldnt start, tried it an hour later and it started so i flushed it and gavi it a small squirt on the throttle whilst flushin and it cut out again ,i quickly ripped the hose off and took it to ski shop and rather than booking it in and charging me they suggested checking every electrical connection as it was not showing any codes,fuel pump was priming and had goin to go over every connection soon and clean and ispect each one with electrical contact cleaner. does anyone have any other suggestions to what the problem could be? thanks

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    , sorry its a 2008 250x ultra , 85 hours on it

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    Did it crank and not start, or not even crank?

    Check battery connections and ground connection.

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    it has always cranked, but starts whenever it wants when im on the water,i can turn it off and start it immediatley and it wont start, leave it for a few min and it starts again,

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    What 'Ski?

    Unplug all the electrical plugs and inspect with a lighted magnifier. They're notorious for getting water in the plugs and corroding.

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    yeah thats what im thinking of doing ,was curious if there was any connections inparticular that i should look at but i ll look at em all, going to change oil,filter,belt and set up a belt holder im machining upso i ll do it all then

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