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    urgent help needed with js 550

    hey all i have a js 550 ski now im desperatley afert some water pipe diagrams, somones frigged around with the hoses and i have no idea where they go it has a jet power exhaust, it has one water out let from the front of the cylinder head(facing nose of ski) which is directley hooked up to the pipe running to the jet,
    has a pipe on the exhaust side of the engine from the lower part of the block running to the tell tale water nozzle on the side of the hull.
    botth the water fittings have been blocked of on the exhaust? i want to hook it all up corectley before i cook the engine,
    any help is hugely appreiceiated

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    i will try to explain as best i can, so you can understand your cooling system, and hoses.

    your exhaust pipe, consists of an exh manifold, head pipe, and pipe body. the manifold is the piece that mounts directly to your engine cylinder. the head pipe, is the U shaped pipe, that goes from the manifold, up to the pipe body. the pipe body, is the rectangular bread box shaped piece that has an exit out the bottom that goes to your water box.

    the water, coming from your jet pump, comes in the lower LH side of the engine compartment ( LH if you are in the tray, facing forward).
    you need a hose running from the tube in the lh lower engine compartment, to your exh manifold. your exhaust manifold should have a straight 3/8 brass nipple close to the motor.

    the water then goes into your exhaust manifold, into your cyl, and up through your head. it then will exit out your head, and needs to go back to your pipe. you should have a 3/8 brass fitting on your head, and one on the lower part of the U on your head pipe. you need to have a hose running from your head, to the lower part of the U on the head pipe. water then fills the pipe here, from the bottom - up to bleed out any air in the system.

    on the back side of the U head pipe, you will have a smaller, 1/8 straight nipple. you need to take a hose from this, and run it out the side of the ski. this is a water "tell tale" so you know you are getting water, when your machine is running.

    hope this helps.

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    Awsome mate that helps hesps do you have an direct email i can send pictures to to make sure all is corect?
    Cheers Paull

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