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    Flywheel puller?

    Im doing the degree key this weekend and was wondering what size/type puller I need? I have seen steering wheel, harmonic balancer, and gear puller but what will work the best? Are there threaded holes in the flywheel or will I need jaws? If threads do you know what size? Just want to make sure I have what I need before start so I dont have to stop and spend all day driving around looking for tools or bolts. Thanks

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    Now I know alot of you have removed the flywheel. Please help!

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    I use this one that belongs to Fercho...

    The bolt size I dont have handy, but I am pretty sure they are the same bolts that you use in the heads. Same threads anyways. Steering puller or automotive flywheel should work too. Just use a pointed pivot in the arbor so you do not damage the crank.

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    Thanks! I do appreciate it.

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    I have a Mac Tools puller that i have had for about 15 years I used to use it to pull ballancers off BB chevys ect. and it happens to work on the GPR too.

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    Thats great, then I already have the tool to use.

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