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    RnD powershot or 42' injectors

    Hello everyone.. A question on behalf of a friend who just bought a ski (2007 rxt). His current mods are X-wheel and air filter. He can find an RnD powershot for 100$, so what is the best set up for more fuel 1) Stock injectors and RnD powershot
    2) 42' injectors
    3) 42' injectors and Powershot or
    4) Leave it as it is..

    I told him the Powershot works for me but he wanted an extra opinion... Thanks for the help in advance

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    If that's all he's running for mods then he doesn't need it at all. If he goes with an aftermarket IC then he can use stock inj's with the powershot. I ran my 06 RXP like that for over 100hrs and no issues.

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    Thanks for the answer, will let him know...

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