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    1996 Waveraider 1100 rear exhaust

    i just picked up a rear exhaust for my waveraider is new and unused...a riva part. but it did not come with installation instructions or any of you old school guys have experience with this and if so any suggestions or advice?

    also looking for an extended an extended nozzle if any of you are parting out your older stuff..

    thank you in advance!

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    I ran one for years....although they sound's a nightmare keeping the ski clean from the exhaust smut. I would never do that again....but if you decide remove the right side water box...and bypass it for the rear exaust that you simply cut the hole for and use 4200 3M to seal up.


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    Thinking about doing this as well. Let me know how you make out. post up some pics if you don't mind.

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    Was there a noticeable performance gain? Mr Peavler ? Was it worth doing.... ? Thankyou for your advice.

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    They look cool and I bet sound bad ass too but I agree with Peavler, it's gotta be a mess. The black soot on the white hull on the inside of the stock ex outlet is what it may look like.

    I've also seen pics on here of guys with "dual exhaust". They look neat. Heck I'd probably do it if I was younger but my days are over sticking my arms in the guts of the Raiders. Tonight I do 1 last tuning and Saturday mine are Sold.

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