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    2001 seadoo rx water leak

    Hi all,

    I have an issue with my 2001 seadoo rx with di engine.

    It was rough at idle and down on acceleration and top end, as well as taking on water, so I sent it into the ski shop to have carbon seal and wear ring done. It then developed a misfire, new plugs and leads have seemed to fix that ... Had her at 6850rpm today.

    But it's still taking on water ... And I can't work out where from.
    When flushing there is no water, I couldn't see any leaks with seat off idling tied up to the pontoon. I did notice that one of the lines for one of the port side telltales is running to nothing in the rear of the hull, should this be connected to something?

    Any ideas where else I should be looking, any other common issues ?

    Any help is much appreciated.



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    Ok, so I feel like a douche now, other tell tale was for the battery drain, however I run a dry cell so not applicable.
    Have checked the hull and no leaks, spoke to local seadoo shop they ran through a few things in exhaust system but to no avail, any other ideas ?

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    See if both bilge siphon tubes are in the the pump nozzle.

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    Worked it out, 2 stainless bolts that hold the starboard sponson on had snapped alowing water to enter hull ... Had to be something stupid like that lol

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    Glad you foun it. Those bolts and the one that holds the intake grate tend to brake and since they are covered with sealant one cant locate quick the leak. Enjoy your Rx mine is still on my garage waiting founds $$$ lol....

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    Okay so I am new to all this and I bought a Sea Doo Gtx Rfi with a bad Voltage regulator and it needed flushed so I hooked up the hose started the ski turned on the water and then let it flush itself for 2 min. I turned off the ski and then 5 seconds go by i turn the water off, I didnt know if there is a danger to shutting off the ski then the water so what could the dangers be if anyone knows.

    Thanks, Joe

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    What happens when you turn the engine off and leave the water on - is the pipe and motor can fill with water as there is no exhaust pressure to expell the water from the exhaust system..

    Start engine - turn on water - flush/run - turn off water - turn off engine

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