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Thread: 2004 XLT Yamaha

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    2004 XLT Yamaha

    My buddies 2004 XLT has an issue. When he was taking the ride plate off, the old insert would just spin. He brought it over, I took out the old inserts. But I am unsure if the updated brackets we used on the gprs works the same as on the XLT. Any idea?

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    Did you ever get this resolved? I had the same problem with my xlt. I bought the inserts for the gpr, probably off the website here, and then with my dad's help, we cut each insert in half and lengthened it(the cut ends where sandwiched and bolted together by similar width pieces of aluminum, so that it lined up with the holes in the longer xlt ride plate. If you want to see a picture, I'll be glad to take one for you. michael

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    If you are handy with tools, you can take 7"x2"x1/2" pieces of aluminum, drill and tap with 8mmx1.25 tap and make your own brackets. Use 5200 to seal them in place. I used longer than stock SS allen socket bolts, and put nuts top of the plate for a secure mount.
    PS: If you use this method, you need to grind the raised bosses on the hull off smooth.

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