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Thread: Going Premix

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    Going Premix

    I have an 2002 Yamaha SUV and am thinking of going premix.
    The recommended oil is Yamalube 2-W which I've been using. Will it be ok to still use this oil?

    40:1 or 50:1?

    Should I add extra oil in the first tank to compensate for any fuel left in the tank?

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


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    yes it will be fine to use the same oil as thats what i use in my GP1200. As for adding extra oil for the remaining fuel i would recommend pumping out the rest of the fuel from the reserve line and starting with an empty tank to get the right mix. Doing this will prevent your ski running lean and blowing a cylinder. If you put to much oil in, your ski will run rich and bog down and probley foul a plug. Thats my two cents anyway and hope it helps.

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    50:1 is fine.

    always premix BEFORE you fill your tank. add oil to your gas can, then fill with gas, then fill your ski. this ensures proper mixing.

    try to get as much fuel out of your tank as you can. then refill with your premix.

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