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    Help and Advice JetSki been sitting for 6 Years untouched


    I have owned my ski for 11 years now, sadly the last 6 years it's been sitting in the garage untouched for various reasons. Prior to this I winterised it. Obviously the battery is dead. I have siphoned as much fuel as I can from it, will be putting fresh fuel in. Getting new plugs and air filters. the engine won't turn over, currently it just clicks, single click.

    I turned over the engine manually by hand by removing the intake grate to check to see if the pistons move and they do I have put lubed the cylinders by spray.

    I want to know what you guys would recommend changing/servicing to get the ski running its completely stock, The ski probably has about 60-70 hours and is in really great condition, I have looked after it, well apart from the 6 last years.

    The Trim cables are frozen need to get a new set, where is the best place to buy parts these days, I am in Sydney Australia. Looking for a supplier that doesn't charge the earth for parts, happy to go with aftermarket if you can get them. SBT seems pretty big and reasonable.

    Should I be looking at changing the oil, it's never been changed?

    When I tried starting it using the start button I did initially get a grrhhh sound, starter didn’t seem to have enough grunt to cycle the pistons. Once i put in the new battery it now just clicks once. I don’t get the two beeps i though i used to get from. But it’s been a while and i can’t remember, if this used to happen after the ski started.

    Hoping to hear from you guys, I can't wait to get back on the water, I used to ride out at ettalong, and interested finding the new places around it seems the government has taken all the fun out of the local areas.

    Has anyone seen the FlyBoard, This looks very kewl and would be a great addition. Cant wait for these to be available.

    Thanks for your help and advice

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    What make and model do you have? Im sure there are plenty of people here experienced with what you have.

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    Before doing anything,
    I suggest posting this on one of the boards for your brand of ski and getting more advice there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    Before doing anything,
    I suggest posting this on one of the boards for your brand of ski and getting more advice there...

    Its a 1999 Yamaha GP1200 non power valve.

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    post in the yamaha section you will get feedback there

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