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    2008 FX SHO high altitude prop question

    Do I need a high altitude prop? I installed one on my boat and it made a huge difference. Also my FX SHO has the same speed and pep as my STX-15F which is 300 cc smaller and not supercharged. The FX SHO should tromp all over it. There is a small hesitation or cavitatioin when you hit the throttle. I am wondering if my prop is damaged. Is there a great prop I should be running? My altitude is 5000-6000 ft. Thanks.

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    Altitude can absolutely effect the prop you chose. Check out for tons of info on this. I think you should check your rpms at WOT and gps your ski. This will show you exactly where you are performance wise. At sea level I was turning 7700rpm +/- 20 on my FZ when it was stock. Ideally on a stock ski you want to be right around 7700 IMO.

    As far as your cavitation, take a look at the prop with a flash light in the pump to visually see if it is damaged. The prop on my FZR would spin once when it was stock at sea level.

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