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Thread: Buying advice

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    Buying advice

    Accidentally posted this to the wrong forum the first time around. Here's another try...

    I'm potentially purchasing a 2005 RXP with 100 hours. It's about $4k, which seems reasonable from what I've seen on here. The hull is in nice shape, but there's no maintenance history at all. I don't have the chance to test-ride the ski. Anything I can look for that's extremely obvious? Should I do it? I'm worried about the ceramic washers, but not sure if I can really find out what kind of shape they're in before buying.

    Thanks in advance.

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    cant find out unless you pull out the SC.....
    there arent any other problems that im aware off that can be ``dangerous``......

    seems like a good deal... id go for it......
    although... a test ride closer to the spring might be a good idea....
    so id buy it, keep it in the garage, pull out SC, check for other issues and do mods...(if you want to)

    oh and, before you buy it make sure it runs so turn it ON... and be patient, dont take any excuse, like ``ohh the battery is dead``
    so id suggest to bring a battery, some fuel, spark plugs...
    worth getting it running even at a price to pay (like spark plugs) than to buy it and find out it wont start...

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