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January 17, 2012
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PWCOFFSHORE.COM Ups The Ante For Offshore PWC / Jet Ski Racing in 2012.

PWCOFFSHORE.COM is pleased to create a new segment of the Race Club called PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racing. PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Racers are extremely accomplished offshore racing athletes that have committed to specific offshore and endurance races in 2012. These are the most committed and offshore race focused racers that PWCOFFSHORE.COM has to offer in 2012. Congratulations are in order for KC Heidler, Craig Warner and Mark Gerner for their racer selections and Steve Friebe for his selection as CORE Technical Advisor. Steve’s combined race and technical experience make him the ideal selection for the CORE Technical Advisor.

PWCOFFSHORE.COM CORE Endurance Athlete Highlights:

Craig Warner of Southern California USA. Honorary Member Craig Warner is arguably the best offshore PWC / Jet Ski racer in the world. With countless successes in individual races throughout the years, Craig has accumulated four IJSBA World Championship Titles, two APBA Offshore National Championship Titles, Western States Series Champion, California and Arizona State Champion, National Tour Highpoints Champion; Craig Warner is now “the man to attempt to beat” in any offshore race he enters. Craig Warner is an overall winner of the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Mile race (with Victor Sheldon), an Iron Man winner at the Mark Hahn 300 mile race and a Monster Energy Kawasaki Sponsored Racer. Craig is also an accomplished Motocross, Snowmobile and class 7 Off-road racer. Craig’s primary PWC is the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.

Mark Gerner of Southern California, USA. A former Marine Corps Infantry Officer and endurance athlete with a number of marathons completed in his career. In addition to individual race successes, Mark is an overall Triple Crown of Offshore Champion, Mark Hahn 300 mile race overall Champion (with Robert Carreon), Mark Hahn 300 Iron Man winner, voted offshore Racer of the Year in 2009, and a podium (2nd place) finisher of the APBA Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race Offshore National Championship Race behind Craig Warner. An offshore racing purest and aggressive offshore racer, Gerner has completed in excess of 170 cross channel transits from Long Beach to Catalina and back. Mark is president of the AWA PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing Club, founder of PWCOFFSHORE.COM and PWCOFFSHORE.COM team leader. Mark's primary PWC is the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.

KC Heidler of Southern California, USA. An accomplished Iron Man Triathlete and hockey player. In addition to many individual race successes over the years, KC Heidler is a three time IJSBA Veteran Master World Champion, Pro Western States Cup Arena Cross Tour Champion, a podium finisher at the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race, and a 2nd place overall podium Triple Crown of Offshore finisher. An accomplished business owner and entrepreneur, KC Heidler brings tremendous class, racing prowess and energy to PWCOFFSHORE.COM Racing. KC's primary PWC is the Kawasaki ULTRA 300X.

Steve Friebe of Fresno California, USA. Although Steve Friebe is PWCOFFSHORE CORE Technical Advisor, there is long history of race championships on the closed course, super course, endurance and offshore racecourse. In addition to individual race successes, Steve Friebe is a winner of the PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award, an overall Champion of The Triple Crown of Offshore, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Overall champion (with Matt Legerski), DJSA Enduro Overall Series Champion, East West Texas Cup Overall Champion, Team sport Series Masters Champion and BP Motorsports Overall Endurance Champion. A “racer’s racer,” Steve Friebe is one of the best PWC race technicians in the world.

More information regarding CORE Racing here:

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Legacy Racing (Black Jersey):

Shawn Alladio: This lady needs no introduction. A legendary water safety instructor and founder of K38 Water Safety, PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award Winner, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race Iron Man winner and entirely too many accomplishments to list. If you know watercraft you know Shawn Alladio.

John Belton: Aka “The Master” of the treacherous Long Beach to Catalina & Back Channel with over 650 channel transits and over 30 years of offshore experience. John is a PWCOFFSHORE.COM Warrior Award Winner, Mark Hahn 300 Mile Endurance Race Overall Champion (with race partner Tracy Malan) with multiple accomplishments racing watercraft offshore.

Kim Bushong: An accomplished Iron Man Triathlete, a top ten finisher in the Kona Hawaii Triathlon, Offshore National Champion and endurance athlete with legendary stamina in both run races and offshore races.

Robert Carreon: A Mark Hahn 300 Mile Overall Endurance Champion (with race partner Mark Gerner).

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Gunz Racing (Red Jersey):

Mike Arnold: An overall Triple Crown of Offshore Military Class Champion, former US Marine and Drill Instructor.

Tom Cruz: Tom brings a wealth of information and expertise to PWCOFFSHORE with well over a decade of offshore racing experience.

PWCOFFSHORE.COM Club Technical Advisors:
Aaron Cress of Dana Point Jet Ski, Peewee Price, Steve Friebe. These club members are invaluable, we are extremely selective on who we allow to work on our craft to keep them running. Congratulations are in order for all three of these club members.

For more information regarding offshore PWC racing, the Triple Crown of Offshore and all things offshore, please visit Join in on the fun!