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    Help please with Beeper, stalling out and Display

    I don't think I have posted on here in years. My ski is a 2005 RXP with a Riva Stage1 This was put together by Dan O'Keefe at Jetdraft 5 years ago. This summer, when you installed the Lanyard, you would get a faint double beep ( It was very difficult to hear even with the seat off and the front compartment removed.) I didn't think much about it until I was riding at WOT ( somewhere near 80mph ) and the ski died and sent me over the handle bars. ( took 3 weeks for my body to heal.) I got back to shore and the display was not working at all.. I took it back out on the water and the gauges all started working again. It stalled a couple more time but I had slowed way down. I went thru all the ground wires and all the plugs and couldn't find any issues. Everything was clean with no corrosion and the pins in all the connectors were tight. The gauges still go blank once in awhile. The beeper is still barely audible and it still stalls. Everything points to the MPEM. Has anyone had any of these issues? Problems with the MPEM? Any help would be great as I have 2 14 yr old boys that want to ride it this summer

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    First thing to check is the DESS post. These have two little reed switches in them that tend to go bad, and if one opens up when you are riding the ski shuts down and gauge goes blank like you say. The post on my 2005 RXT is going bad and needs replaced, one of the several winter things to do.

    The beeper issue is probably just a bad beeper, they go bad with age as well, unrelated to your other issue.

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