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    Triple 48 Blackjack jetting?

    I can't for the life of me get ahold of Art at Jetworks? I have a set of triple 48 BJ's going on a stock 2002 Ultra 150. Only thing done to the motor is 42cc domes. Anyone run a similar setup? If so I need to know what jetting to run in these?

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    No one will have a exact jetting as most skis are all over the place at different places so jetting will always very some. But should be able to get you in a ball park area.

    One is that running you jetplates forward or up is going to change your jetting. Normally I see smaller jetting when the plates are ran up....but that all depends.

    Here is a setting you can try that I have seen over the years but it is a average and im sure it will be rich.

    With the 48's you may need a higher popoff from the 46's which most seem to run maybe try 25. Those carbs hopefully have a high carb signal. But you also want to run them close to the case and not far away with big reed spacers. try this...

    125 pilot
    2.0 NS
    95 spring

    HS 1 turn out
    LS 1 turn out.

    Tunning is something that takes a ton of time and devotion most people get it to where its good enough and call it good.

    Its best to have a bunch of jets ....go out one day and stay there for a few hrs and do it all at once on sight. not making trips back and forth if possible. but do what ya can.

    Pay attention to plugs and see how it goes.

    A complete carb setup would be nice to well.
    you also need a pop off gauge to make sure to measure you springs.....just because it's the same color or length doesnt mean its the same p/o, it can very as much as 5 psi for some maybe more.

    OK good luck

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