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    787 vs 951 GTX Hull question

    Is there is a difference in the 787 compared to the 951 GTX hulls or deck? Handling, smooth/rough water ride?

    Also, does anyone know where I can get a pump wedge for a 787 GTX? I can only find them for the 155mm 951 pumps?

    Thank you very much!

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    Same hull on both - depending on year may have different options such as gauges and such-but hull-body trim ect all interchange

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    ive had both. they are exactly the same in the way they look but handle very diferrently the 787 feels more agile and light. although it will only hit 54 mph and the 951 will hit 60 mph the 787 doesnt drink the fuel like the 951 does

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    I am seriously considering selling my MINT, never beached, FW only 95 SPX w/ just over 200 hours for a 787 GTX. I want something that I can ride with my wife and be comfortable on. I am thinking of getting a pump wedge, new prop and a milled head. It should run high 50's and reliable.

    does any company sell a wedge for the 787 pumps anymore?

    BTW, thank you so much scubasteve! Its great to get a side by side comparison. If you can think of anything else to add in comparison between the two, please add it.

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    What makes you think it needs a wedge? If you could get a GTX for a 720 spx, I would.

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    to get some of the hull out of the water since it does not have VTS. My 95 is a 657X motor.

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    What motor is more reliable? Thanks again guys! this site is the best!

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    IMO the 787 is a hard motor to beat

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    i think the 787 motor is the better motor to have like i said before `i used to be able to do 360 spins on the 787 no problem very controlled try doing it on the 951 and it does it just not a quick spin more of a slow one if that makes sense! a buddy of mine has a 97 gs that has the 717 engine. that went as fast as the gtx if not a little quicker im about 20kilo heavier than him

    the pros and cons the 787 vs the 951 in my opinon the 951 goes through a whole tank of fuel in 3 hours so thats two tanks a day the 787 uses approx 1 tank a day
    the 787 is much more nimble vs the 951 ]
    the 787 is more reliable as a motor vs the 951 is a bit more prone to breaking
    787 easier to do tricks the 951 is better for towing toys or wakeboarding
    951 faster top end
    787 better for getting up to top speed quicker

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