Hi everyone... A good friend of our club's (Jeremy Burfoot)is doing a charity event in aid of Melanoma. The record is to do 1000km in 6hours on a pwc.

It will be held at Lake Karapiro on the 7th feb. The 2 skis that will be used in the event are Yamaha vxr's

We have two of our lads from the UK going over to help out and support Jeremy in his mission.

If any one can support Jeremy and help raise money for this charity it will be much appreciated. Also Andy Cowen And Ben Cardozo our UK chaps will have use of the skis for a few days if there is anyone local who wishes to meet up with them for a ride out it would be very much appreciated. Or if you could look after them and show them about that would be cool.

Here is a link to the Facebook group for the event and all support welcomed



Many Thanks

Ian MacAulay

Southend Jetski Club (UK)