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Thread: 750 sx advice

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    750 sx advice

    hey all ive got a 750 sx stand up its in a bit of a sad state sun damaged pads ect, its had a seized up bearing in the jet which caused the engine mounts too break
    need some advice on mods to do while the motors out.
    any mods to do to the jet?
    power pipes? any brands better than others? dry pipe do they need to be custom made?
    any advice would be hugley appreciated.
    cheers Paull.

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    there is a brand of pipe, called "factory pipe". they make a "limited pipe" for your 750SX, and make very good power gains. they are hard to find though, and sell fast when they do come up for sale.

    coffmans is another brand of pipe, and these make good power.

    stay away from ANY pipes, that eliminate the stock water box. there were a few in the early days. these are HORRIBLY loud ( will give you a head ache) and will make everyone on your lake mad at you.

    you can mill your stock head for increased compression. ( i can do this here for you 45.00, and i have new gaskets on hand 25.00).

    a timing advance kit will give you better throttle response, and a few hundred RPM's on the top. ( i sell these for 55.00)

    changing your carb, to a larger single mikuni 46, makes a good power increase. ( again, i have new here, 100.00 for an intake manifold, and 300.00 for a new carb. i will help with jetting, if you order)

    my impeller of choice is a SKAT large hub swirl. i have these available new, for 250.00 solas also makes a good impeller. the concord is a good choice, and is also 250.00

    we also have new solas top loader intake scoop grates here for 85.00

    i have many used parts, like your needed motor mounts, tray side pads, etc.

    prices are + s&h

    please email or call the shop during business hours listed, if i can help.

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    thanks heaps john will definatley be in touch, appreciate somone annswering all my questions in easy to understand terms haha.

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    off topic but what ride plate/intake grate would you go with

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