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    rebuild carb now runs away

    i just got done rebuilding the carbs and after reinstalling them it started up and was ideling about 2800-3000 then it slowly started running up and i shut it off at 4500. checked and rechecked things. everything was tight. as i was cleaning up i read in the directions that the two little clear discs should curve into the body. they had an ink line oin them and they said the ink line should point away from the body. this is on the mag carb. if the discs were not seated right would this lead to an air leak and lean runaway condition? also what are the starting points for the low and high speed jets? thanks guys!

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    sounds more like a air leak,Ive installed them with no marks before it's not the problem-which motor is it

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    i see it maybe a 951 if stock set high speed 1/8 turn and lows 1 1/2 to 1/3/4 go on the fat side on low speeds.some times it take a moment for fuel press to stabilize allso

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    it is a 99 951. i'll reset the lows to 1 1/2. if i can get to the highs ill set them at 0-1/8.
    thanks i'll let ya know tomorrow.

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    i cant find it in the manual. but does the oil control line sit in the same carb cam that the throttle line does, or does it attach somewhere else?

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