Hello to all, So i wanted to write today on a Xr1800 project jet boat i bought off of a member here ( PWRTOYZ ). I bought this boat knowing the engines were seized but figured i will have no trouble with rebuilding since i owned an Gp1200r. I later sold the Gp to buy this boat. So i started tearing down the engines to find salt water buildup everywhere , inside the intake manifold, carburetors, cylinder wall CRANKSHAFT and i say that with caps because you see for yourself in the pics. Out of 6 cylinders was only able to save 2 of them. I ended up buying a complete motor from someone locally, and rebuilt the other buying a crank case, crank, cylinder, 3 pro x pistons, and carburetor. I have installed D-plates on both motors, rejetted from 87.5 to 95 pilot jets. I have spent some money on trying to rebuild this boat but have also found ways to save. Like Freeing up the frozen steering cables and now they move smooth as new. I also made my own stainless steel liner which the old one had lumps and had froze up the prop. I have cleaned the bilge access area removing bilge pump, water boxes, pads etc. I painted the compartment in white to because i didn't like the look it had. The compartment is now complete with all cables (reverse, steering, speedo, water boxes insulation pads all over so that water Boxes does not bounce or move. Jet pump is complete but need to clean up the area of the ride plate and re seal that whole area due to seal coming off. Both engines are in mounted and lines connected. I do not have the fuel lines connected because i want to blow the lines out and also looking for a Group K air/fuel pump. If anyone has one let me know please. This boat also came without the rear compartment under the engine hatch, also looking for that. This has been one hell of project after cleaning up every little thing on this boat. I have taken apart the steering helm and wheel to grease it up and make sure everything is working. Interior is brand new upholstered in its plastic and don't plan to put on until boat is running. I will post a link to photo bucket where i have the pics stored from the moment Pwrtoyz had to boat to whats been done and what not. Thank you for your time. Also give me some insights on what else i should do to make sure this boat is in tip top shape when i finish.