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    WTB clear plastic lense covering gage cluster 06 fx ho

    Don't do this- apply rain-x on plastic lens that covers the instrument cluster. Within seconds the lens crystalized and spider cracked. I have not removed the shroud but I am hoping the lens is not an integral piece of the cluster and can be purchased separately. If you have a cluster that is toast and can rob the lens let me know, thanks.

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    Depending on how bad the plastic is there are ways to polish it back to optically clear, depends on the type of plastic how succefull it is , be patient it takes time, give it a go you have nothing to loose.
    I used a 3m boat polish on my seadoo dash after a rag with acetone melted an area and it worked wonders.

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    154 to get it back to shape... maybe. The alcohol may have done a lot of damage. The plexus is a good maintenance item once you do get it back. Foosball rod lubricant (Lemon Pledge) may work for you. I've heard that people use this on furniture and stuff, too. It seems to have a lot of uses.

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    Watch this video, it may help you, what have you got to lose? --> <--

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