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Thread: RXP wont start

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    RXP wont start

    Hey guys i'm only very new to the jet ski scene and don't know to much about them, but the other day i was out riding in the lake and it was a bit choppy (good fun thou) i was doing about 75 km/h and my ski shut down completely. Couldn't get it started barely even wound over. When i got it home i checked the intake for foriegn objects all clear,checked batterry it was u/s so bought a new one. Had plugs out and wound it over all good, plugs back in and hadn't yet connected the coils and wound over all good, but as soon as it is all connected and try to start it winds over very slow and wont fire. Can anyone give me any tips on possibbly it could be i'm thinking we might have killed the solenoid on the starter trying to get it going when it first died. any other suggestions will be appreciated. Chears Coomsy

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    Did it die quickly and quietly? Any noises associated? Did it throw a code? Oil height correct?
    Hopefully it's something simple. Pull your pump to check more closely as something small may be wedged against the impeller. My old ultra 150 bit a piece of wood once. The large pieces were easily removed, but a quarter sized sliver was wedged against the impeller and wear ring. Tough little booger to remove too. Good luck!

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    Apparently it was the supercharger that failed not good for something that has only done 40+ hrs.

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    Sorry to hear that did you get the charger out?

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    yeah all fixed and going well again.

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