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    Sea doo gti,2002 please help!!!!

    Hi guys!
    I am from Croatian, so if I make a mistake somewhere in the text, do not mind me!

    I would ask for help, in fact, I have a sea doo gti 2002, and left me a complete ignition, cdi, stator and flywheel ... jet was sunk halfway ..

    I am interested, as I see on ebay that has a different model parts, cdi and even has the three numbers 278001496,, 278001916 and 278001796 ... and a stator and flywheel ..

    The stator, flywheel and CDI would fit my model, because I see that there are three types of motors, 717,718,720 sea doo ... I do not know what my engine 717.718 or the 720.

    Please help, because they really do not understand ...
    Best regards
    Daniel Croatia

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    717,718,720 are the same engines.
    For 2002 GTi the mpem is 278001496,the stator is 290886725 and the flywheel is 290995119.
    They fit all year models but they might have different connectors.

    BTW I have a brand new stator for sale,check here:

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    Thanks a lot for information!

    Tomorrow I will disassemble the jet ski and I will see that the numbers inside ...

    Then I will decide what to buy, but I enjoy most everything in one place to buy, I do not have the three parts separately shipping and customs ... but I am far from you ...

    If the offer all together what would be the price? Stator, CDI and Flywheel ..

    Please if someone has to complete to be told, can here at GH or e-mail, and we shall agree on payment for parts ..

    thank you very much
    Greetings from the Croatian!

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    I have another question, I just dismantled jet ski ... like this ... Break out the fuse of 5 amps at mpem ... It is a sea doo gti 2002, 718,, 85 hp ...

    I do not know how to examine whether the stator is correct ... or maybe do mpem? If anyone knows let me write the wire in order to examine ..

    It would be very grateful ..


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